If you are an Arsenal fan living in and around London, you can still buy a ticket for the Arsenal game against FC Bayern Munich. The fans of the club have lost all possible hopes in the manager and the tie too, which Arsenal trail by 5-1. After the result, many of his faithful too have turned on him, leaving him with little or no support, except from that ridiculous Arsenal board that is. It is quite clear that Arsenal’s Champions League run is set to come to an end tonight. 

Pressure is building upon Arsene, as he’s turning more into a villain for the club with the majority of the fan base highly against him.There are still hundreds of tickets left for a match of this stature which clearly shows the lack of support from the fan base and almost all the others have put their tickets for exchange.

To have any chance of winning tonight, Arsenal will need to fire on all cylinders and manager Arsene Wenger still believes they have an outside chance of making it through to the next round. Despite the lack of demand, the ticket prices continue to be ridiculously high, ranging from £64 to £95.

It is indeed a story of desperation when the fans of a club feel the need to boycott games in order to get their message across the board.