When Keylor Navas spilled the ball into the net, and let Tony Sanabria run to the corner flag, the whistles started. It continued whenever he was on the ball, and that would have sparked the fire inside him, as he made an absolutely brilliant save to deny Sanabria paying amends for his horrendous mistake, and earning the praise of the same Ultras who had booed him for the mistake. Real Madrid's official website then released official footage of fans cheering and supporting Keylor. 

It was all in good faith, but I'm pretty sure that both Navas's confidence and the fans' confidence in him died a little that day. Within the end of the match, journalists had released lists of keepers who could potentially replace Keylor Navas next season. Contrast to that, in the post match interviews, Zidane extended his 'full support' towards his Costa Rican keeper, and so did his captain. 

But, Real Madrid's transfer season paves way for the true owner of this eminent club to take over. What Zidane did to convince Perez to only spend 25 million euros the last year, nobody will have any idea, but this time it will almost definitely be different. Whether Keylor is sold or kept, a truly "elite" keeper will be bought this window. According to reports, it could be David De Gea, Joe Hart or in some cases, even Jan Oblak, one of the Mainstays of the first team of their cross town rivals. However, it is the suggestion of this writer that Perez should go for Donnarumma. Why? Pretty much everyone knows how special this "little" guy is. Already looking like the complete player, he has been the model of consistency for an inconsistent AC Milan team, this season. Touted as the player to take the helm from Italian great and 39-year-old (still unbelievable) Gianluigi Buffon, he shares not only the same first name as the former, but also his fearsome command of the box, and brilliant organisation of central defence. If he can show the consistency of Buffon, he can stay in Real Madrid for no less than until 2038. Of course, he'll command a lot more than the goalkeeper transfer record, but considering all the wasteful signings made so far, this one could be a pretty solid investment. Risky, but what's football if not risky, right? 

Another position where there is just not enough depth is the defensive midfield. This season, Casemiro has been out for more than 2 months in total, and during that particular period, Real Madrid have struggled to take control of the midfield. They usually do, but without Casemiro it's worse. And on paper, when Zidane assembles his first team, Casemiro is more than usually treated as an underdog, which underlines his lack in quality while participating in attacks (ignore that absolutely breathtaking goal vs Napoli, just this once). If you go ask a Real Madrid fan, who'd you like to but if you had to buy from Barcelona, 5% would say we wouldn't, 5 more would say Neymar, 5 more would say Suarez, and I'm betting that the rest would say Busquets. A player who can sit back in the space between the midfield and the defence, with a tall frame, stopping the onrushing attacks without extreme physique and almost beautifully​ distributing to the midfield, helping them take the ball into the box with an elite trio of players waiting to put it into the box. Hmm, sounds​ familiar? No, I was not talking about Barcelona, I was talking about Dortmund. If the rumours are true, and Real Madrid do sign one of Europe's top prospects in Julian Weigl, it would be cause for celebration in the Bernabeu. A player who could be a true successor to Xabi Alonso (still crying), he could become much better with Zidane's help, the latter being one of the greatest midfielders and playmakers of his time. 

One of the biggest concerns about Zidane's Real Madrid is that the team still lacks a footballing "philosophy". He had promised one during his first press conference as manager, stating that "possession was key", but Real still don't look close to the complete product. Weigl's introduction could be key to that. 

Leave out all of their quality. Planning for the future is one characteristic in which Team Madrid's scouting had absolutely struggled. Under Zidane, the team looks happy, secure and successful, and if he is to be another bald-headed coach who wants to leave a legacy behind, signing the two of them would be key.