Reports from German newspaper Bild have unofficially stated that the Arsenal board have made an offer to Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel to replace their longest-serving manager, as the board has taken a rare proactive and pragmatic step towards the future of the club. After Arsene Wenger reigned supreme on and off the pitch for 21 years, the Arsenal board have decided that a change is a must, after a season of 'unsatisfactory' results such as the 10-2 thumping on aggregate from Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich have left Arsenal reeling from fan tension and impatience. The protests against Wenger managing next season escalated at the Hawthorns in their loss against West Brom, as a section of the fans flew a plane with the "Wenger Out" slogan. 

Thomas Tuchel could be the man to take Arsenal to the 'next' level, with similarities in Wenger's style of play, and management an added factor in such an approach. Wenger's introduction of young players into the Arsenal side is one of the positives that established him as a fan favourite. Tuchel has often taken that to the next level, particularly with players like Ousmane Dembele, Christian Pulisic, Matthias Ginter and Julian Weigl benefiting from it. His expansive style of play might also help him settle in quickly with the Arsenal fans.

However, the Arsenal Board must proceed with caution regarding the managerial replacement, as they only need to look across to Manchester United, who have struggled to replace serial-winner Sir Alex Ferguson, as David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal struggled to handle the pressure and winning mentality that the former had artfully constructed. But, Thomas Tuchel has already replaced Jurgen Klopp (twice), a man who has the ability to leave a lasting impact at the club he manages, both results-wise and in terms of his feverish and child-like demeanour. This could be another factor for his potential appointment at Arsenal.