Argentinean football Club Belgrano lost of its supporter after being thrown over the side of a stand by supporters of same team this weekend. AS reported that, Emanuel Balbo was beaten and pushed to his death at a match against Talleres, after being accused of being a follower of Belgrano's fellow Córdoba-based side. Balbo, 22, was left in a coma after hitting his head on impact, suffering cardiac arrest and major brain trauma, before succumbing to his injuries and passed away.

Initially, it was claimed the attack took place because he was in the wrong end and bore a tattoo of their intense rivals — and opposition on the day — Talleres. But his father, Raul Balbo, has revealed the tragic truth, which is much more sinister. He claimed the reason Emanuel was attacked was because he was spotted by the man who, in 2012, had caused the death of his brother!

Speaking to a local radio station as published by The Sun, he said –

“My son was not in the wrong end and did not have tattoos of Talleres. The problem was that, five years ago, they killed my son. And Emanuel went to the stand and ran into one of killers.”

The accused is Óscar Eduardo 'El Sarpito' Goméz and is prime suspect in this case and Emanuel’s father also said –

"Given that Gómez is not much of a man, instead of defending himself alone he incited all of the friends he had there to violence and they beat up my son."

A friend on being promised of anonymity spoke to Sun and said –

“Emanuel is a Belgrano fan — we go to every game together. He has had issues with this guy for a long time and, at half-time, he attacked Emanuel.”

Local police in Cordoba also said that four people have been arrested following this incident and Gomez isn’t one in this arrested convicts. A local police chief, speaking ahead of the arrest yesterday/on Sunday of two of the three suspects following the weekend attack, said –

'We have identified three men and are waiting for arrest warrants from the judge heading the probe. They are the people who can be seen in the images throwing Emanuel Balbo from the stands.' 

Police also confirmed that the search is on and Gomez would be arrested in ‘some hours.’