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Top Managers

We look at the careers of the greatest managers to have graced the sport in the past as well as the present, those who have constantly gone on to define new boundaries and create legacies through their contributions to the game.

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Top Youth Academies

We explore the greatest football academies in the world of football and look at the greatest talents they have produced for the world to behold. Through this series, we pay our respect to the most important part of ensuring the survival of the sport - the development of young talented footballers.

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FIFA 100

The FIFA 100 is a list of the 125 greatest living footballers in 2004 created by Pelé for FIFA´s 100th anniversary. Pele had been asked to select 50 retired players and 50 active players to get a list of 100 players, which would refer to the FIFA´s 100th anniversary. However Pelé found it too difficult to select just 50 former footballers so the list would eventually get to 125 players from which 75 former players.

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